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Date added: 2018-01-26
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About is an Asteroids Agario Style that takes you to space where you can move your sphere using 360 degree movement. Feel free to fly around in space and conquer this adventure now! You have to absorb as many colored orbs as possible in order to increase the size of the sphere. There is an exclusive mechanic in this IO game that you should remember, which is that if you fly closer to the bigger enemies, your mass will be drained much. So, to spot the dangerous enemies, you should look at a red outline on them, with “Danger” text in red right beside their names. You will know they are coming, and have more time to escape before they get you. If you can’t get away from them in time, you will get eaten, and your game will come to an end. The main goal here is to become the largest sphere in the arena. Have fun!


Use the mouse to control your sphere. Click left mouse button or key W to speed up. Use the right mouse or key S to stop.

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