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Date added: 2018-01-08
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You will undergo a lot of challenges in which is a nice tower defense that you can play for free. When you enter an arena, you will start constructing your base and do whatever it takes to keep it safe from the hordes of deadly zombies. Try to put down gold stash for more gold, defend it and mines by building lots of turrets around, also, you must defend the walls because they can stop the enemies from assaulting your towers directly. With a lot of gold earned, you should spend them on new weapons as well as other handy items that can be purchased from the shop. Don’t forget to improve the walls so they can stand strong to cope with the waves of zombies that are getting stronger than ever. Your main objective is to survive all the attacks of the rivals and become the ultimate winner! Have fun!


Use keys WASD to move, use the mouse for turning, click left mouse to gather, assault and build. Use the right mouse or key Esc to unselect. Tap spacebar for an auto attack. Use key E to quickly upgrade, key T to quickly sell, and key F to quickly heal.

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