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Date added: 2018-02-04
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If you are a Chess game lover, make sure you won’t skip a chance to enjoy game! This is a fantastic and challenging Strategy IO game that lets you play against your online opponent. You will begin as a king, your job is to seize more pieces to build a stronger defense for your king, then add the pieces to your own side of the board. is not a turn-based game, so you just feel free to move the pieces as much as you want, but you must still obey the main moves of each piece. The game counts on your strategies a lot, because if you make smart moves and know what pieces you need to take, you will get an edge over the enemies easily. The main objective you must achieve is to take over the whole map. But first, you must keep your King safe all the time. If he gets defeated, your game will be over! Good luck!


The mouse is used to control the pieces. Also, you can use the move to move the camera too.

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