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Date added: 2018-01-25
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Play as a cunning worm in! This is a game like bringing you so many challenges to conquer. You have to move around a vast map to collect a lot of foods so you can increase the size and length of your worm. These food graphics are being scattered over the map a lot, so if you see them on your way, just quickly absorb them. Once becoming a longer worm, you can use your long body to encircle the enemy worms, or cut off their heads. By doing so, the enemies will crash into your body, killing them instantly. Besides the spawned foods, you should take chances to eat the dead foods left by the defeated worms. By absorbing them, your length will grow faster. When you chase down a target, you can speed up your worm to catch it, or you can boost a speed when you have to escape away dangers. Join it now and see how long you can last!


Use the mouse to move your worm. Click left mouse button to speed up.

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