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Date added: 2018-08-03
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About is a Power-ups game that is free to play in your browser. You will throw yourself into a brutal combat between the robots. You can pick your favorite game mode before jumping into the arena. With a robot in your hands, you need to direct it carefully to go kill all other enemy robots. There are plenty of power-ups dispersed on the ground, so try to collect them as much as possible to strengthen your robot, which increases your survivability. Every time you level up, a random perk will be given to you. Make good use of your earned gold to purchase further robots that are much stronger. Also, you can utilize some walls, set some deadly traps to kill your enemies more effectively. Develop your own smart strategies then use them to outplay others. You must become the best robot of all to build the ultimate dominance in this arena. Have fun!


Move your robot using WASD. Rotate the camera using the left/right arrow keys. Press spacebar for using a booster. Click left mouse to fire, use the right mouse for locking or unlocking the mouse camera view.

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