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Date added: 2018-01-10
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About is a Slither Style and Splix Style game that is kind of addictive to play. You will control your character around the map in order to take over more space, and try to connect them to your home base so you can expand it. The main job here is to cover as much as the realm to win! Other enemies are doing the same task, so they won’t be hesitant to take you out if they have a chance for that. You must stop them from hitting your line, or else it will be an end for you. When you bump into an enemy, make sure you crash into his line as fast as possible. By doing so, you will wipe him out instantly, then you can seize his space. There are two types of bounties in the game, including speed bounty and score bounty. Make sure you collect them to boost your score as well as speed. See if you can climb the top of the leaderboard or not!


Use the mouse to move your character.

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