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Date added: 2018-01-30
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Play a challenging Asteroids game called! You will start your adventure in space and carefully control your circular glass spaceship to fight against lots of enemies. The ship is armed with standard laser bullets and massive strong bombs, which should be used wisely as your main weapons in this combat. You can fire them to get rid of the rivals getting in your pathway while keeping yourself alive from their attacks. You should focus on killing as many players as possible, because this will give you lots of various good upgrades which boost your ship’s power. Make sure you observe the surroundings during the combat, elude the bullets and get away from danger as fast as possible. Your main objective in this IO game is to rule the whole arena and become the best player of all. Are you up for this? Jump into it now to prove your abilities!


Use keys WASD to move your spaceship. Click left mouse to fire standard laser bullets, and use the right mouse to fire bombs.

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