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Date added: 2018-08-01
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About is a Slither Style IO game with better graphics and an old-but-addictive gameplay. You play as a cunning worm roaming a huge map full of enemies and edible minerals dispersed on the ground. Try to eat them as much as possible to increase your size as well as power up yourself, which enables you to survive longer. While moving around the map, you need to elude soaking damage from other worms. Make sure you keep yourself alive from their attacks all the time and try your hardest to attack them back. You can cut them suddenly, speed up to block their path or even cause them to crash into your body. Whenever you have a chance to kill them, just seize it instantly! Don’t forget to prepare some good tactics in advance, then, use them to outplay the opponents. Can you become the largest worm of all? Enjoy the game now!


Direct your worm using the mouse. Click left mouse or key W for making a speed boost, use the right mouse or spacebar for cutting.

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