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Date added: 2017-11-20
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If you already play classic Pool game with Multiplayer elements, then don’t skip a chance to explore a game like that called! This is an amazing free-for-all Power-ups game consisting of so many challenges to explore. In the game, you have to search for standard balls and other enemies, then try to pot them all for a lot of scores. Whenever you pot one standard ball, you will earn 20 points for that. And every time you pot your opponents, you will get 100 points, also, their half score will belong to you. Keep gaining more points as well as leveling up your character through over time. Don’t forget to grow your stats with awesome skills when you advance. Be sure to stay watchful for the golden ball to spawn. But if you pot it, it will bring you a strong bonus for a short time. There are various abilities you can use, such as ghost, swerve, multiplier and boost! Wish you luck!


Charge your power with the left mouse, click right mouse for max power. Use the mouse wheel scroll to zoom.  Press key Q to use ghost, key E to use multiplier. Press keys W/S for speeding up or slowing down, and keys A/D for swerving left and right.

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