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Date added: 2017-11-17
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If you want to experience a unique 2D Shooter and Strategy game with lots of combat elements, then is a nice game you should pick! The game features amazing futuristic hover tanks, bombers as well as fighter jets. You will spawn as just a simple troop like Javelin or the Manta, and your job is to take out all enemies by working with your teammates. The more kills you have, the more awesome units you can unlock, such as the giant flying battleship, or the Ion Cannon. Your team will be armed with a finite amount of supplies. So you must use them wisely during the combat. After destroying a rival unit, the new one will spawn to take its place, and the enemy team’s supply ticker will be decreased. If the supply is run out, all of the base defense will be blown up, causing the Command Center to be hopeless. You must get rid of the Command Center of your opponents while defending your own one. Enjoy the game now and see how long you can last!


Use keys WASD to control your troops. You can’t hover the aircraft, such as Peregrine and bomber, so use the cursor to move.
Several units like Gladiator are armed with alternate guns, click right mouse to activate them.
Some units are armed with primary weapons, so click left mouse to fire them.
Use the number keys to set off the abilities of the units, and use the mouse wheel to zoom.

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