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Date added: 2018-10-26
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About game is set in the huge cosmos where you will join a brutal space combat to beat all wicked rivals. The game lets you take on a role of a leader who must control a naval fleet around in space to undertake a mission which is to build the dominance in this universe. There are plenty of planets that you will explore. Feel free to fly from this one to another one as you try to intrude and beat every single enemy spaceship standing in your way. Once you defeat them, you can force them to join your army. Make sure that you finish your quest and utilize your acquired ships to outplay the rivals. Perform your special skill to kill others, even the tough ones. Customize your own playing experience by playing alone or with the AI. Will you be able to become the best ruler of the cosmos? Try it now!


Interact with the in-game objects using the left/right arrow keys. Move around the camera using keys WASD or arrow keys.

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