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Date added: 2018-02-01
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About is another 2D Shooter game in space. You are armed with a basic ship, and it’s your job to roam the map collecting gems in order to grow your stats. During your gem quest, you will bump into many players, so be sure to prepare your tactics and skills in advance then quickly use them to your advantage. But if you are still a weak ship, you should dodge a combat with them, and focus on farming more gem rocks until you are powerful. It’s up to you to attack the enemies or not. If you think you can handle them, just go for it! Try your hardest to max out all the stats, after that you are able to evolve your ship into a new one that is much stronger. You can form a team and work with other friendly players in order to annihilate the tough enemies. See if you can climb the top or not!


Use the arrow keys or right mouse to move your ship. Press spacebar or click the left mouse to fire.

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