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Date added: 2018-10-28
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About is a web browser game that can remind you of, but there are still some differences to explore. In this IO game, you have to move around a big map trying to convert as many tiles as possible then go kill your opponents for claiming their realm. You’d better keep your realm safe all the time and to protect it, you should construct a big fortress. Also, you can build some walls around it, but remember that the walls won’t give you any mass. When you come across enemies, you can weaken them by shooting poison or try to demolish their walls. Every time you pick up a kill, all of the enemy territory will be yours, excluding their walls. Besides shooting poison, you can shoot food, but this will help somebody or improve your wall. Try to play good strategies to outwit all others and to become the ultimate winner!


Use key W or Z to shoot food, key X to shoot poison, key C for building a wall, key V to demolish a wall and spacebar to split.

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