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Date added: 2018-01-15
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Test your spinning ability by joining an exciting game called! This is such a great mixture of Fidget Spinners, and You have to take control of your own fidget spinner and roam the map carefully to gather as many dots as possible so as to increase your spinning speed. The more dots you eat, the faster you spin. You will confront with so many opponents in the same arena, to kill them, make sure you collide with them, and with a fast speed, you will be able to wipe them out. When the enemies are broken into pieces, you must quickly take their dead mass so you can power up yourself and reach the top of the leaderboard to rule the playfield. Try to set up some deadly combos, utilize excellent tactics while you are fighting against others. Are you ready? Let’s start it now! Wish you luck!


Use the mouse to control your spinner, and boost it by using the left mouse button.

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