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Date added: 2017-09-06
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About is another challenging 2D Shooter IO game in which you will direct a sphere around the galaxy to compete against many opponents worldwide. Keep in mind that the game has no gravity, hence, you may find it very hard to direct the sphere around. Try to aim for the direction you wish to move forward, the thrust it so hard. The moons are scattering around the playfield a lot, they are looking at you, but you should quickly shoot them all to gain the orange essence. Then, you can spend the earned essence on charging up your power, which gets you stronger than ever. Do not collide with any other enemies, or else your game may end instantly. Keep an eye on the black holes while moving around too. If you touch them, your sphere will get damaged. The main goal is to stay alive for as long as possible, then you can climb the top!


Use the mouse and spacebar to thrust around the galaxy. Fire enemies and moons with key W. Press number keys to use the power-ups.

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