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Date added: 2018-01-16
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Get ready to jump into space and start controlling your spaceship to fight against others in! You have to move around in space trying to turn the asteroids with other rival ships into dust, then, collect all the dust in order to upgrade your ship. Utilize your weapons carefully, gather more extra devices as well as other weapons so you can power up yourself and get an edge over the enemies. When you are in the early stage of the round, make sure you focus on collecting the dust from the asteroids while trying to elude the rivals. But when you are ready to fight, you should fire the enemies from afar, or follow them from behind and quickly ambush them when they least expect it. If missiles or plasma gun is in your hand, then you will get a higher chance to become the boss in this entire arena. Wish you luck!


Control your spaceship by using the mouse. Use spacebar to speed up, click left mouse to fire standard lasers, and click right mouse to activate extra weapons.

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