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Date added: 2017-09-05
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Could you survive more than 2 minutes in a fierce space combat in a unique browser-based IO game called Let’s begin the game now to demonstrate all skills! You have to fly around the arena with your spaceship to destroy all the opponents that are moving around too. When they are in your sight, you have to quickly shoot them down from afar as you try to defend yourself and elude their bullets that are coming towards you. The most interesting point of the game is that all asteroids, photons, and even enemies will be able to pass through you. Attempt to slay and harvest them for your own sakes and advantages. Make sure you will keep an eye on the surroundings while roaming around space. Your main objective is to reach the top spot on the leaderboard so you can build your dominance. Let’s kick off this adventure now! Have fun!


Use arrow keys or WASD to fly around the galaxy. Click left mouse or use spacebar to fire, and release bombs with key S or down arrow key.

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