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Date added: 2017-09-04
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A new awesome Space Combat is waiting for you ahead in a great 2D Shooter IO game called! In the game, you become a commander of an army of neon triangles, and your task is to get rid of all enemies that are flying around you. You must fire lots of deadly laser bullets to take them out before they kill you. Whenever you kill a certain enemy, you can get lots of neon-triangle minions to enlarge your own army and get more strength. You’re recommended to prepare your tactics in advance, and one of them should be that you need to assault the foes from behind, especially when you catch them off guard. They won’t be able to counter your bullets, so this will give you more advantages to take a lead. If you let them get behind, you will become vulnerable to them, and they can attack you easily. Attempt to survive longer so you can dominate the arena!


Use the mouse to move around the arena. Click left mouse or use the spacebar to shoot at enemies.

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