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Date added: 2017-10-30
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Get ready to join a tough yet fantastic snowball fight in a great free for all IO game called! You will have to play against so many friends worldwide. Hence, have all your skills and tactics prepared to deal with them. You need to move around the snow-covered arena to make lots of deadly snowballs, then quickly throw them against your enemies to wipe them out as fast as possible. You can make some excellent teamwork with your friends to destroy the tough ones more easily. Be sure to create a giant fortress and a snow block for a better defense during the combat. Besides the enemies, you have to be careful of the deadly bears that are walking around the playfield too. They are very deadly and harmful to you if you stay close to them. It’s easy for them to take you out using several hits. Hence, make sure you keep your character away from the bears. Let’s begin this adventure now and attempt to survive longer!


Use keys WASD to control your character around. Click left mouse button to release a snowball. Click it down to make a giant snowball, click it a little longer to build a snow block and a giant fortress.

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