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Date added: 2018-01-23
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About is a funny Slither Style game that sets in a large map full of enemies from around the world. You direct your own snok and make your way through this map trying to eat as many foods as possible so that you can increase the size of your snok. You will bump into lots of rivals, so make sure you prepare your tactics in advance, then utilize them carefully to wipe out your opponents. The snok is able to make an obstacle, set deadly traps, therefore, you should do those things to kill others. The impediment should be created around them, they have no choice but crashing into it and die. You can charge your snok to destroy the enemies, but you shouldn’t do it a lot, or else the length of the snok will be much decreased. Your objective in this IO game is to take over the top rank on the leaderboard!


Guide your snok around the map using keys WASD. Press spacebar to speed up.

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