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Date added: 2017-09-01
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About Snakes3d is a fantastic clone of game! Give this awesome browser-based IO style game a try to conquer new challenges now. You have to slither your way through a vast grassy arena filled with food orbs, enemies and big rocks like deadly obstacles. Try to eat up all the orbs to develop your size and get your snake longer. You aim to become the biggest and longest snake of all, so you must do whatever it takes to prolong your life and defeat all opponent snakes. Use your tactics carefully to lure them all, make them crash into your body to end their lives, then, quickly steal their dead remains to become longer fast. You can make a speed boost to escape away from dangers or catch up your prey. Just make sure you have gained a large amount of mass already before using that ability. Are you ready? Jump into the game now!


Use the arrow keys to control your snake around. Speed it up with the spacebar.

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