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Date added: 2017-08-31
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About puts you in a vast playfield ruled by 12 units, including six players and six bots. Just have yourself ready for this amazingly hot battle in this awesome Power-ups IO game now! In the game, you will have to move around the arena to get hotter and then you are able to make a bunch of jumps to slay almost anything that stands in your pathway. There will be lots of hot units trying to assault you, just make sure you will elude their jumps by performing fancy moves. Dodge the opponents that have high temperatures! If you assault them with a jump, both of you can get demolished. If you’re slower than the rival, you will be the only one that dies. Just properly use the shock and shot bonuses or even a bomb to slay your rivals. Attempt to pick up a lot of stars to increase your scores! Good luck!


Use the left mouse button or arrow keys for the movement. Click the right mouse for jumping.

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