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Date added: 2017-08-30
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About lets you fly around in the sky as a cunning and hostile pilot who has to control his own airplane to go slay all wicked enemies. Let’s show off your skills in this free for all IO game now! You will have to aim and shoot down the rivals when they are in your sight while attempting to defend yourself. Perform your strategies so that you can get an edge over the rivals more easily. You should fly behind other planes during the combat. If you do so, you won’t take damage or absorb the incoming projectiles for the opponents, also, you will find it very easy to take them out. But if you let the rivals get behind you, you won’t be able to elude their bullets, causing your game to come to an end very soon. Your main objective is to become the best pilot of all that dominates the entire sky!


Just use the mouse to direct your plane around, press spacebar or use the left mouse button to fire your enemies.

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