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Date added: 2017-08-26
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Submerge yourself in a vast ocean in game right now to battle against many opponent wicked sharks from around the world directed by online players. This is a unique Ocean-themed Upgrades IO game that is free for all. You will have to move around the ocean in order to hunt for a bunch of smaller creatures. Try to eat them up carefully to increase your food chain, develop your size and get stronger than ever. You can only consume the weak creatures while staying away from the bigger ones, or else they will turn you into their food in no time. Everybody is trying to prolong their lives under the water, so are you! Hence, you must play the game with the best strategies, stay watchful for the surroundings, deal with all enemies and become the most powerful shark of all. Let’s begin this underwater adventure right now! Wish you luck!


Just simply control your shark around using the mouse only.

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