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Date added: 2018-04-22
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A battle between humans and cockroaches seems to never stop! Join this battle in game now then choose your favorite side before starting your challenges. If you become one of the humans, you must go kill all cockroaches before they take you out. Similarly, the job for a cockroach is to get rid of all humans and stop them from climbing the leaderboard. But whichever side you are one, just make sure you always grow yourself by absorbing food as well as launching your assaults. This will increase your scores too. When you earn 20,000 scores, you will have a chance to become the ghost of the room. As the ghost, you are so powerful and able to toggle the lights or even shake the room if you are the human ghost. Be careful because you may get kicked out of the room if someone surpasses your score and becomes the new ghost. Let’s play the game now! Have fun!


Direct your character using the mouse. Click left mouse button to attack. Use key S to toggle the light, and shake the room with key Q.

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