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Date added: 2017-07-28
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In the world of, you will enjoy a lot of fantastic challenges and go through so many fierce elements. This is an amazing Sports Team-based IO game where you will take control of your own car and try to shoot the ball into the opponent net to score a bunch of goals. Different from other classic Football games, instead of playing as a footballer, now you will take on a role of a driver. Try to prepare your skills in advance, develop your own smart strategies so you can deal with your opponents easily. You will work with your teammates in this match, so just feel free to pass the ball to your allies. This is a great way that helps you transfer the ball down the field very fast. Also, you can perform some extra kick if you speed up before kicking the ball. Attempt to gain more goals than your opponent team does, so you can lead your team to the final victory.


Use key W  to speed up, key S for reversing, keys A/D for steering your car, and boost with spacebar.

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