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Date added: 2018-09-20
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About is a 2D Shooter game set in a huge arena full of rivals. You will enter it and fly around the map then attempt to kill as many rivals as possible in every round by utilizing plenty of guns. The opponents are so strong, therefore, you have to use your excellent skills and nice strategies to outplay them. The best tactic for you is to keep moving as much as possible and stay higher in the air. It will be hard for you to hit when flying, but if you move, you can aim for the headshots. Make sure you stay watchful for your surroundings all the time because getting ambushed is easy to happen. If you get caught off guard, the enemies will take this chance to kill you, causing you to meet your end instantly. You can try changing your guns during the battle so as to finish off the opponents more easily. Can you survive and climb the leaderboard? Play it now!


Move your character using WAD. Click left mouse to fire, use the right mouse to fly, spacebar to jump and change guns using key Q.

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