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Date added: 2018-01-28
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It’s time to fight to become the best racer of all in! If you are you have good driving abilities, then, show them all to the world in this free-for-all Racing game. This is a fierce racing competition when you have to face off against so many cars in the same arena. Take control of your car carefully then start to race against them. All of the cars have the similar speed and handling. So it totally depends on your strategies if you want to get an edge over them. Be sure to speed it up as well as steer it wisely. Whenever you finish a lap, you will be granted a time. This awesome feature will let you learn whether you have enhanced your skills or not. Your opponents won’t be hesitant to defeat you if they have a chance. Therefore, you have to play with nice tactics, finish all the laps and win!


Click left mouse button to speed up your car. Steer it by using the mouse.

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