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Date added: 2018-03-09
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About is an Upgrades game online following the famous Rock Paper and Scissors concept. You will play with a lot of opponents from across the world. You probably have known the rules, so make sure you follow them to defeat the opponents. The rules are so simple! Rock will kill Scissors, Scissors kills Paper, and Paper kills Rock. Follow these rules to get rid of your opponents as you try to protect yourself from being attacked by them. You can dash to chase your enemies, but if you have the power-up of reset cooldown during the dash, you will be able to double dash easily. The game brings you 100 levels in total, each of them will grow your speed and bring you a skill point. Use it to enhance the dash distance, cooldown decrease, a specific passive skill or even another life. Are you ready for this? Check it out!


The mouse is used for controlling your character. Click right mouse to dash.

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