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Plants Vs Zombies Game

Plants Vs Zombies Game

Date added: 2015-01-15
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50 5.0 / 10 50
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About Plants Vs Zombies Game

Cruel evils intend to destroy the crop! Join in Plants vs Zombies game instantly to save those fragile fates. As in Plants and Zombies 2, attendants can make full use of those available weapons under the forms of chilly or cherry in order to execute many rivals right at the same time. It is advised that when the enemy uses a shovel to root up the tree. Quickly replace by another one. The deeper you get into the game, the more difficult it would be to bring down this terrible nightmare. Especially, in dealing with the zombies in armor, you are suggested to use a cherry bomb instead. Finally, the last round welcomes you to the match with gigantic zombies, only then, wake up the explosion of those mushroom bombs, they will get effective there. Plants vs Zombies games surely reach your craving. Participate in immediately and feel the heat!


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