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Pixel Warfare

Pixel Warfare

Date added: 2015-01-13
plays 5.071
50 5.0 / 10 50
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About Pixel Warfare

Are you willing to commence the horrific quest in pixel warfare? Check out your gun shooting skill right this moment throughpixel warfare online all fanatics! Bring down whatever emerges on your way and, as a result, earn yourself a high score. Does this task sound hard? Not at all of course! There is no limitation of excitement here. In addition to that, the new graphic design would surely sooth the eyes. An updated; beautiful version is waiting for your conquering. Should you ever misssuch a good opportunity of pleasing your yearning on a hot, interesting and action-filled performance? Especially, regarding those action lovers, the answer should be already known to all. Create your part and play Minecraft free online instantly fellows! Wish you much joyfulness, also top list occupying!


Use WASD to move around
Choose number 1 to 6 keys for relevant weapon
Press Tab to view themenu
Press R to reload

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