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Pixel Warfare 3

Pixel Warfare 3

Date added: 2015-10-26
plays 2.571
10 1.0 / 10 10
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About Pixel Warfare 3

Play Pixel Warfare 3 unblocked to experience new challenges and new battles! This is such a cool Minecraft game online taking you to the world where you will confront with various types of enemies. You also have a chance to battle against other players in awesome maps. Now, set your footstep in this world and prove your skills! You are supposed to use your powerful weapons and annihilate all of the targets getting in your way! Let’s show now mercy to the foes and send them back to hell! Are you up for this Pixel Warfare version 3? Click and join now! Have fun and good luck!


Use the arrow keys or keys WASD for the movement, use the mouse to zoom, shoot and aim at the target.
Press key C to crouch, spacebar for jumping, key Shift for running
Tap key P for fullscreen

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