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Pixel Warfare 2

Pixel Warfare 2

Date added: 2015-04-09
plays 5.516
30 3.0 / 10 30
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About Pixel Warfare 2

The Pixel Warfare 2 is a 2nd version of Pixel Warfare based on Minecraft games. What’s new in this game? Is it interesting? Come to and enjoy it now, buddies! After the success of the first version, this second one promises for bringing you more excitement. In this game, there are many new awesome maps like Sky base, close battle, pixel house, etc. And the various weapon storage, in which contains fast shotgun, machine gun, alien gun, etc. Participate in this new unblocked game now and help your team defeat your enemies.


Direct your character by the WASD buttons or arrow keys, and spacebar to jump.
Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Press from 1 to 6 to switch your weapon.
Press R button to reload.

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