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Date added: 2018-10-25
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About is an online combat game allowing you to fight against lots of opponents coming from other countries in the same arena. This is going to be a tough pike battle! You have to utilize your given pike skillfully to deal damage to the rivals then kill them all before they slay you with their deadly pikes. Roam your way through the map carefully hunting down the opponents, and don’t forget to collect many scattered materials on the ground to enhance yourself as well as get an edge over others in the battle. Plus, you will have an exclusive special power that can be utilized in risky situations. Try to protect yourself, elude all the dangers from any directions, survive for as long as possible until you reach the highest rank on the leaderboard. Let’s give it a shot now and see if you will become the most dangerous fighter or not!


Control your character using the mouse. Click left mouse to accelerate, use the right mouse for using a special ability.

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