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Date added: 2018-01-07
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About is such a wonderful Strategy IO game that sets in a world of tasty pies. Surely it will bring you a lot of sweet things, but many challenges at the same time. You have to control your character carefully and let him jump around the map to absorb more pies as well as other enemies. Try to eat them as much as you can so you can get more skill points which allow you to develop the strength and armor. Powering up yourself will surely give you a higher chance of survival. You have to be careful when your character is low on energy. If you don’t quickly eat a healing pie and take a leap in the hole for regaining the energy, you will be targeted by others, meaning they can defeat you anytime. You need to stay watchful for the AI drones that are chasing you. They will release their deadly cherry bombs, so try not to stand in the jam, or else you will die! Enjoy this sweet game now! Good luck!


Use the mouse to control your character, perform jumping, eating, flying or attacking.

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