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Paper Craft V8.9B Remixed

Paper Craft V8.9B Remixed

Date added: 2016-01-28
plays 1.289
80 8.0 / 10 80
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About Paper Craft V8.9B Remixed

One of the most amazing Minecraft games that need to be tried named Paper Craft V8.9B Remixed! You need to join and get ready to discover a bunch of fantastic things. The world you are entering is filled with beautiful nature, including flowers, trees, scenic views, mountains and so on. Your mission is to create a nice dwelling, magnificent building, wonderful castle or any cool constructions. To do this, you have to search for necessary materials including wood, stones, coal, and other stuff then place them in your inventory, make a good use of them to build up what you’ve been dreaming. Are you ready? Go get this challenge at Play Minecraft Online now!


Use keys WASD for the movement
The mouse is used for constructing and mining
Tap key E to bring up Inventory

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