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Date added: 2017-10-23
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Let’s fight against other enemies like a hostile shooter in an amazing Classic Strategy game called The game has just been added to the IO games series, promising to give you a lot of challenges. You have to control a tank-like character around the map to go shoot down all enemies that are in your sight. You can even see a lot of food orbs spreading over the arena. Feel free to pick them as much as you can so that you can increase your experience or recharge your fuel bar. Besides enemies, you must kill the generated monsters that are floating over the map. The more monsters and rivals you destroy, the more XP you will gain, which will help you level up faster. When you reach further levels, more upgraded tanks will be unlocked, and they give you more power to fight against the opponents. Upgrading your stats by using your earned points is also another thing you must fulfill. How long will you think you survive in this fierce IO game? Give it a try!


Move your tank with arrow keys or WASD. Shoot at enemies with the left mouse.

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