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Date added: 2018-10-31
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Present your skills in a great web browser game called! Not only will you test your skills, but you also put your reflexes and timing to a test. The game is set in a huge expanse of space where there are 24 orbs surrounding the sun. You must capture all of them and fight against other enemies at the same time. Feel free to fire orbs at the neutral objects to capture them while the planets are rotating. This can sound simple, but won’t be easy to obtain because hitting the target is kind of hard. When you come across the enemies, you should use two special abilities, including a multi-burst shot and a shield to beat them. Use the shield to keep yourself safe from the incoming orbs. You’d better utilize your tactics to outplay all enemies and climb your way up to the top rank on the leaderboard.


Use the left mouse for picking an orb and shoot. Move the view by clicking the right mouse. View the whole map using key Z. Use all-direction attack by pressing key X and utilize a shield using key C.

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