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Date added: 2018-09-18
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In the world of, you play as a queen and you must do whatever it takes to protect yourself from the enemies around you. Try to build a strong army then let your soldiers defeat all rivals in a brutal combat. You start spawning some oibs and make sure you feed them through over time. Keep doing so until you become bigger. You are also able to utilize the oibs for building a massive army or join them separately to generate more powerful units. Keep in mind that the life of the spawned units will be reduced during the course of the game. You have to feed them frequently to regain your health. Don’t forget to develop your own smart strategies so you can vanquish the entire map and become the strongest queen of all! Are you up for the challenges? Let’s enter the battle right now! Wish you luck!


Choose a unit using the left mouse. Press spacebar to pick all units. Click right mouse to move, use arrow keys or WASD for moving the camera. Use key 1 for spawning oibs, key E for combining the chosen oibs, key 3 to divide the chosen oibs, and key 4 for feeding the chosen oibs to the main character.

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