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Date added: 2018-01-16
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If you are searching for a wonderful Multiplayer soccer game online, you shouldn’t miss an IO game called with a challenging soccer match for you to explore. The game is a combination of Rocket League and sports game. You will control your character around the map carefully to find the ball, then quickly push it into the goal of your opponent team so you can score more points. It’s important to speculate the movements of the ball and other players because you will know what to do to stop them from scoring. You can utilize your boost before you hit the ball, by doing so, surely you will get more power to shoot. Keep your goal safe all the time, if the enemy team kicks the ball into it, they will score their goal! Make an attempt to score as many points as possible, climb the top of the leaderboard so you can become the best player!


Use the mouse to move around the map. Click left mouse to boost, press spacebar to brake, use key C to center camera on a player.

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