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Date added: 2018-08-27
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Prove that you are the best ninja of all in! This is a great fighting game online in your browser, and it’s completely free for all. You become a ninja and you must show off your skills to defeat all enemies coming from across the globe. Try to roam the arena carefully eating a lot of sushi dispersed on the ground. The more you eat, the better your power, speed, and health will become, giving you more strength to fight against others. When you roam the map, make sure you throw the ninja stars to wipe out the enemies standing in your way while attempting to keep yourself alive from their attacks. Try your hardest to level up, so you will gain much better weapons. Don’t forget to prepare some strategies then apply them to this combat. You must survive as long as possible until you rule the entire arena. Wish you luck!


Use arrow keys or WASD for the movements. Click left mouse to assault, use the right mouse to dash and press spacebar for jumping.

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