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Date added: 2018-10-25
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It’s always fun to play as a skilled ninja! Jump into a web browser shooter-themed IO game called and feel free to present your skills. You play as a ninja stickman roaming through the level and as well as attempting to implement a lot of actions, such as jumping, flying, doing tricks, etc. All of those actions will help you defeat your opponents. With many ranged weapons and grenades in your hands, you can use them to deal more destruction to your rivals. The game also features two game modes, including deathmatch and capture the flag. If you join the deadmatch, you have to destroy all rival ninjas as many as possible. But if you engage in the capture-the-flag mode, your goal is to steal the flag of your enemy and take it back to your own base to win. The goal game is to become the best ninja! Good luck!


Move your ninja using keys A/D or left/right arrow keys. Press key W or up arrow key for jumping, use key X to prone, key E for throwing a grenade, key Q to change weapons, click left mouse to fire and use the right mouse to fly.

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