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Date added: 2018-10-01
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About is a funny and engaging team-based sports game that is free to play in your browser. This sports game promises to keep you glued for hours, especially when you are looking for a game to master it. You spawn in the arena as a member of a team and you must work with your teammates to defeat the rivals by shooting the balls into the right nets for more goals and points. You’d better pay attention to your surroundings while trying to kick the balls because you may get obstructed by your opponents. They won’t let you score goals, so they will do whatever it takes to wipe you out. Do not let that happen to you, or else you can’t bring the victory to your team. Be sure to play with good strategies and climb your way up the top rank on the leaderboard. Get ready for the match now! Wish you luck!


Use arrow keys to move and click the mouse to shoot the ball.

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