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Date added: 2018-10-26
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About puts you in an intense combat between the online mages. The game is set in a world full of magic, and you play as a mystical mage trying to cast many spells to finish off your opponents. They are all the strong players that can destroy you anytime when you are caught off guard. So, make sure you won’t underestimate your rivals. You need to use your magic carefully to drain the health of the rivals and quickly kick them out of the bounds. Prepare some critical magic combos in advance as well as develop your good strategies throughout the course of the fight then use them to outwit other mages easily. A good strategic mind is a key to victory in this IO game. Therefore, you should never stop advancing your tactics. The main objective you must complete is to become the best mage ruling this magic world. Have fun!


Use the right mouse for the movement. Cast a spell using keys QWERDFG. Use key P, O, Z, and Esc to open the spells shop, items shop, scoreboard, and the menu, respectively. Chat with key Enter.

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