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Minecraft Avoider

Minecraft Avoider

Date added: 2016-01-16
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About Minecraft Avoider

Be prepared for an epic adventure in Minecraft Avoider now! If you are interested in Minecraft games, your love will surely increase once joining this awesome game. The game will be about the fight between a Minecraft guy and a bunch of wicked creepers. Take control of your character and help him flee away from the onslaughts of enemies. Throughout the fight, you need to dodge them as you try to fire powerful arrows in order to bring them down. If you touch one of those enemies, you will be dead for sure, resulting in a game over. Use TNT to explode them faster! Let’s start your fight now at Play Minecraft Online and see if you can stay alive until the end or not!


Move your character with arrow keys or keys WASD
Move your character with arrow keys or keys WASD
Launch the arrows by using the mouse

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