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Mega Miner

Mega Miner

Date added: 2015-01-12
plays 695
50 5.0 / 10 50
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About Mega Miner

Ready to take your presence in Mega miner dear fans! Play mega miner hacked and you obtain yourself an opportunity of digging, exploring as well as collecting resources for money to the absolute satisfaction. Note to move quickly whilst looking the blocks in order to define which ones contain the materials thoroughly. There will be a limitation of fuel. Thus, act fast to the utmost of your capacity. Remember that the more you mine, the more money you earn. If it is possible, upgrade your drill in the aim of boosting the efficiency of the work. Eye-catching designed background undeniably attracts you even more. Don’t you think it should never be missed, do you? Hence, create your way in minecraft online right this time! Wish all fellows much enjoyment and good fun!


Use the arrow keys for moving around.

Especially, use down arrow key for drilling.

Press spacebar for interacting.

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