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Date added: 2018-01-15
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About game takes you to a savage battle between the wicked enemies. Prepare your skills and tactics for this fight so you can take them out. You have to direct your mech carefully, roam the map to hunt for the rivals, then quickly use lots of weapons, including railgun, rocket launcher or flak cannon, so that you can wipe them out while trying to protect yourself. Your weapons are all strong, hence, you must use them wisely during the combat. Don’t forget to develop your tactics! Try to utilize them in order to get an edge over others. Your mech is also armed with a shield which can be utilized to stop the incoming projectiles. The dangers are everywhere, so if you don’t protect yourself, you will die instantly! The main goal of this 2D Shooter IO game is to become the best mech of all so you can establish your dominance! Good luck!


Use keys WASD to move your mech around. Use the right mouse to activate your shield. Press spacebar to bash your enemies.

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