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Date added: 2018-09-04
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A fan of Candy Crush shouldn’t ignore a fun web browser game called! You can play with your online opponents or a computer and challenge your contenders to amazing matches. The game will give you some specific objectives, for instances, reaching a target score, removing all the required candies, etc. You must complete these objectives by matching at least three candies of the same type and make sure you achieve the goals before your opponent does, which makes you the ultimate winner of the matches. Focus on the game all the time, perform your keen eyes, match then remove the candies out of the playing board as fast as possible. Do not let the rivals outplay you! Try to show off your skills as well as use your strategic mind to beat them. The game is free for all and suitable for all ages. Are you ready? Give it a shot now!


Use the left mouse to match the candies in the game.

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