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Date added: 2018-07-18
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Just like, you spawn in the arena of Little Big Snake as a tiny snake that must kill all enemies standing in its way using some good strategies and a long body. Since you’re small at the starting of the game, you need to pump your size by collecting a lot of food orbs dispersed on the ground. Keep gathering them until you reach a large size. There are many ways to slay the enemy snakes. But the most popular one could be encircling them around with your long body, which causes them to crash into you sooner or later. Another way you can follow is to block their pathway suddenly, leaving them no time to deal with your attack. In addition, this Slither Style IO game also lets you fly around the map as a cute bug after your snake has been destroyed. By this way, you can continue your adventure for more fun experiences. Don’t forget to join quests for more awards, evolve your snake into a stronger one or even earn a lot of achievements. Have fun!


Control your snake using the mouse, and speed it up using the left mouse button.

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