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Date added: 2018-03-11
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About Lava

Lava is a tough free-for-all Maze game in which you must show off your jumping abilities to gather as many diamonds as possible. All platforms are shrinking, and the lava is coming out. You have to jump between them faster as you try to elude the deadly lava. Don’t forget to block other enemies, if you catch sight of someone making a dangerous move, follow him and stop him from turning back. All of the diamonds will become more precious further away, also, the level of difficulty in the game will be much more increased. Try your hardest to earn the highest score by collecting the diamonds, which makes you an ultimate winner. Be sure that you always stay observant, get past all the challenges, perform your abilities and make an endeavor to kill your opponents. Lava is not an easy IO game at all, so join it now to give a test to your skills.


Move between the platforms using arrow keys.

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